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Life Is... - Chapter 5
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Jensen wakes up like he does every day – with Misha snuffling into his ear and Jared's hair tickling his nose. Misha's legs are entangled with his and effectively trap Jensen. Jared's arm lies heavy across Jensen's chest, but that doesn't even bother Jensen any more after eleven years.

“Hey,” he nudges them, urging Jared to hit the snooze button on the radio alarm clock blaring from the bedside table.

Jared does so with a grunt and immediately swings his legs out of bed, overenthusiastic as ever. With a huge yawn and without a hand to cover it, he sits up and turns around to Jensen and Misha.

Jensen just rolls onto his side, curls up against Misha, and tries to fall back asleep.

Misha mumbles against Jensen's chest, “Jare, it's Jay's birthday, come back to bed.”

“But... our morning run,” Jared protests. “He's out of commission for another hour anyway.”

“I heard that,” Jensen states, but it doesn't come out as harsh as he wanted.

“See, he's awake,” Misha adds.

“But you are, too,” Jared laughs while leaning over, brushing Misha's hair back before kissing him, soft and tender to slowly wake him up.

Jensen only watches him through his lashes, too lazy to open his eyes. He's happy, a feeling seated so deep in his very core, in his bones, in the blood pumping through his veins, so happy that he could die happy right now.

Which reminds him that today is a special day, aside from it being his birthday.

“Happy anniversary, you two,” he yawns. “Love ya.”

“A little bit more enthusiasm, please,” Jared chuckles, then leans in to kiss Jensen, too. He's still sleep-warm and soft. “First, happy birthday. Second, happy anniversary. Love you, too.”

Jensen grins, then pulls him into a longer, deeper kiss – well, as long and deep as he dares to with his case of morning breath.

“May there be many more of both,” Misha adds, the smile clear in his voice, before he kisses Jensen, too, until they're both breathless.

“Happy anniversary,” Jared says towards Misha, before they all end up in a big pile of hugs and kisses.

Neither Jared nor Misha go for their morning run that day.

Instead, Jared cooks them breakfast, probably goes overboard with it, too, judged by the sheer amount of eggs and hash browns and sausages.

Jensen has a comment about how he's not gonna get older than forty if Jared feeds him like this laying ready on the tip of his tongue, when he remembers.

And four years later, it still hurts, thinking of Jeff.

Not the way it did when the wound was still fresh and new, still bleeding into their everyday life, but jokes like that... they don't say them that easily any more.

So Jensen says thank you and indulges himself with his birthday breakfast.

“So, I can finally reveal your birthday present,” Jared claps his hands, then starts to stuff his face with scrambled eggs.

“Which you wouldn't tell me about,” Misha grouses from beside Jared, nudging his elbow.

“Because it's both an anniversary gift and a birthday gift.”

Jensen raises an eyebrow at him and says with his mouth full, “O-kay?”

Jared takes a deep breath, then looks at Jensen and at Misha before he admits, “I made an appointment for today. That's why I asked you both to take the day off. You don't need to accept it, we don't need to go there, but it would make me very happy if we did.”

“Alright, what appointment?” Jensen asks, curious and intrigued.

“An appointment with the civil law notary,” Jared states calmly.

For a second, Jensen can just look at him before the ball drops and he understands.

And there he thought he'd felt happy with Jared and Misha in his arms. That was nothing against the onslaught of pride and joy, making his heart hammer away in his chest.

“I see,” he grins at Jared. “Fantastic idea.”

“I don't get it,” Misha stares from Jared to Jensen and back, his blue eyes big and confused.

“Mish,” Jensen reaches across the table to take his hand and squeeze it. “It's been three years. You've been living here with us for a long time now.”

“And I pay my dues,” Misha furrows his brow. “So?”

Jensen laughs. “No, you pay rent, and that's not what you deserve. So. We'd like to ask you if you want to be added to the mortgage?”

“And update our wills and testaments and all the legal documents that we already have for each other, so you have all the rights we do,” Jared adds. “God knows I don't want history to repeat itself, but it saved our ass once. And I'd like to know that you've got all the security you need should something happen to me.”

Misha's fork drops with a clatter as he stares at them in surprise, a smile slowly spreading on his lips. “You're proposing,” he summarizes.

“Basically,” Jensen grins. “Still need to get rings, though. So all three of us can wear one.”

“I thought of buying some, but then I decided that it'd be better if we chose them together,” Jared smiles at them.

Misha chuckles, and if Jensen is not mistaken, there are tears gathering in the corners of his eyes. “Thank you. And yes, Jared, yes, Jensen. I do.”

Jared almost clears the table with the following maneuver – pulling Jensen and Misha towards him to hug them tight and kiss them both.

Jensen kisses them, the familiar press of two different pairs of lips, and finds himself thinking that he wouldn't want it any other way.


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I love, love, loved tthis story. Even though it cost me a good amount of tears as well.
Thank you for writing and sharing it.

I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and for the feedback :)

This was wonderful. The depiction of grief and recovery, and how those can bring people together and cause friction at the same time, were beautifully depicted.

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed the story :)

I really enjoyed this.

It almost felt like an homage to the turn the show took in the early seasons, from a focus on searching for/grieving for John Winchester to how Castiel became part of the family. I felt that kind of vibe the whole time I read this, and I liked it.

I especially appreciated seeing from the couple's POV how they came around to accepting another partner, figuring out how they do work together as a couple, being honest about how they don't work, and seeing how a third partner makes them stronger - but without it feeling like one of those "Having relationship problems? Add more people!" poly tropes. That is a delicate balancing act, and you did a pretty good job.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

First, thank you very much for the detailed and honest comment, and second, I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the story!

It's awesome that you perceived the story that way - because in a way, it does pay homage to that phase of the series, although I didn't particularly aim to depict it. All I really wanted was to create a polyamory story that takes J3/J2M and has all of the characters thrown out of their comfort zone and having to deal with a realistic situation in a realistic way. Grief isn't romantic, and the paperwork doesn't help, and family can suck no matter how supportive they want to be. And despite all of that, life has to go on.

Long story short, I'm glad it worked out and I'm glad I could provide a polyamory fic for a couple that definitely needs more character-driven polyamory fics (and not just pwp threesome fics, as awesome as those are).

This was so beautiful. Handled with tenderness and tack and lots of love. Well done -Loved it

I'm very happy to hear that, thank you so much :)

that was so lovely!! THe grief over jeff was just heartbreaking, but the way they rebuilt, and how misha became a part of it was beautiful!!

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